Christmas Jell

All nine flavors of jelly will be available by December 1. You can order by calling 801-885-9696.  Or you can pick it up in California at the “Changing Seasons Boutique” in Corona .  Show dates are December 3 thru 7.   Pre-order with me over the phone and your order will be ready to pick up..and will be cheaper than paying st the show.

LA Casita in Springville Utah will also have jelly

The website is not working.   You need to call to order

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changing seasons craft show

Jelly will be at the October show in Corona California.    I will not be at any more shows before Christmas. get what you need Oct 8 thru 12

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Jelly is hitting Calif.

Jelly will be available on July 11 at the “Avocado House” on Central Avenue Chino Calif.     Be sure to grab breakfast or lunch when you pick up jelly.  Food is good and it is very popular.


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Killer good RIBS……

I was busy yesterday…but you would never know by looking at our dinner.    I took a rack of ribs out of the freezer….seasoned both sides with garlic salt and season salt.  I then put them in a large disposable foil container and tightly put foil on the top.  You need it really tight so no steam escapes.  I put this in a low oven 225 degrees and cooked it for about 5 hours.  Remember…these were frozen.    I checked the ribs by putting a fork between the bones and when they were tender…I took it out of the oven.   I then put them under my broiler…getting color on both sides..then I brushed Habanero Jelly on both sides and returned it to the broiler…on both sides.  I’m talking yummmmmmy here!!!  Add a salad and a baked sweet potato and you will be in Heaven!

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Jelly on the “BARBIE”

It’s spring ! And Bar-B-Q weather is here! Try a little of Hot Mama’s Jelly on your Steak, Chicken, Fish, Pork. Here is an idea we love at our house. I use Lawry’s garlic salt and Lawry’s season salt ..a little on each side of my meat. I cook one side, then turn it over…put 1/2 teaspoon on the top and let it finish cooking. Sometimes I even turn it again and “Jelly” up the other side too. You can use any any flavor of jelly when cooking like this. Although…..Pineapple on pork chops or pork loin is “WONDERFUL”.

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My Grandpa, Eugene Leavitt was born in 1893…..January 21. That would make him 118 years old today.  He died when he was 97.  And was still riding a horse at 93.  So ….why am I being all “Grandpa” today?????  Besides it being his birthday,  He was the one who first introduced me to hot peppers.  Grandpa was a farmer/cowboy and lived in St. George Utah most of his life.  I grew up in Southern California, and we would travel to Utah every summer and spend 3 to 4 weeks for our vacation.   My grandpa’s garden was huge…. Grandma bottled all their fruit and vegetables that they used throughout the year, so a big garden was necessary.  I remember eating the evening meal.  It would consist of her home made bread,  jelly, honey, and fresh tomatoes and peppers..and that was about it.  Oh…kool-aid too.  I think Grandpa and Grandma would be surprised at the amount of peppers available to us today in the supermarket.  I would love to introduce them to the Habanero… one of my favorite peppers.  I miss you Grandma and Grandpa.

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Hot Mama’s Favorites

So many have been asking what Hot Mama’s favorite flavor is.  So, Here it is:

#1    Habanero

#2    Mango Habanero    and     Apricot Habanero  are tied

#3    Pineapple Habanero   and Peach Habanero  tied

#4    Cranberry Habanero   and Pomegranate Habanero

and in Last place…..sorry you Jalapeno lovers…but Jalapeno is last in my book.   There just isn’t enough great flavor like the Habanero pepper puts out.   I’m not saying it isn’t good,  … it just is last on my list.

But you really must try them all to form your own opinion.

BUT NOW I MUST ADD…….IT DEPENDS  ON WHAT I’M MAKING AS TO THE FLAVOR I USE.   So does that blow my “favorites in order” out of the water?????

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Hot Mama has been featured on Peggy Under Pressure!

Hot Mama

has been featured

on Peggy Under Pressure!

Go check it out!

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Jelly and Hot Pepper Pictures

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Pepper Jelly and How to use it

Why use Hot Mama’s Jelly over the jar of Pepper Jelly on the shelf at the local supermarket?

Hot Mama makes all her jelly in small batches… only making 7-8 jars at a time.  She feels small batches preserves that “Great Home Grown Quality” and can be controlled easily. Everything is done by hand with fresh quality ingredients just like her Grandma taught her.  Careful attention has been made with a high level of quality, safety and cleanliness.

Hot peppers are great mixed into jelly.  It’s that hot/sweet combination that really makes your dish “pop”.

Aren’t Habaneros hotter than Jalapenos?   Yes, but our testing has proven to be the more popular of the 2.  Habanero jelly has a wonderful flavor… and adjusting the amount is the key.
Only using ½ teaspoon on a piece of chicken for example is all that chicken needs.  No reason to waste it…and it also makes that jar last longer.

She even makes a few Jalapeno selections…for you die hard Jalapeno Pepper Jelly fan’s.

Hot Momma, her family, and friends are continually tasting new combinations for Jelly. More combinations will continually be added. Feel free to email her if you have a suggestion

Each jar of jelly comes in a sealed 8 oz jar.  Be sure to keep a couple on hand for that unexpected gift, or drop in guest.

Idea’s for Hot Mama’s jelly:

·       Top a block of cream cheese and serve with crackers.  This makes your party a real  party!!  It’s also pretty.

·Adding ½ teaspoon on your pork chop, chicken or fish 2 minutes before it is done will carmalize and add goodness.
·       Add some to your bar-b-q sauce to “kick it up”
·       Use on “hot wings” and give the other hot sauce a rest.
·       Eat on toasted bagels
·       Put in crock pot with your roast beef or meatballs for great new twist
·       Brush on ham while it cooks….umm

Let me know how you use Hot Mama’s Jelly!

The 4 oz jar is great as gifts.  Here are some suggestions:
·       bridal or baby shower guest gift
·       neighbor Christmas gift
·       the kid’s Teacher
·       your favorite bank teller/ grocery checker/ postal carrier
·       a special friend at church or work

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