Hot Mama’s Favorites

So many have been asking what Hot Mama’s favorite flavor is.  So, Here it is:

#1    Habanero

#2    Mango Habanero    and     Apricot Habanero  are tied

#3    Pineapple Habanero   and Peach Habanero  tied

#4    Cranberry Habanero   and Pomegranate Habanero

and in Last place…..sorry you Jalapeno lovers…but Jalapeno is last in my book.   There just isn’t enough great flavor like the Habanero pepper puts out.   I’m not saying it isn’t good,  … it just is last on my list.

But you really must try them all to form your own opinion.

BUT NOW I MUST ADD…….IT DEPENDS  ON WHAT I’M MAKING AS TO THE FLAVOR I USE.   So does that blow my “favorites in order” out of the water?????

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