Killer good RIBS……

I was busy yesterday…but you would never know by looking at our dinner.    I took a rack of ribs out of the freezer….seasoned both sides with garlic salt and season salt.  I then put them in a large disposable foil container and tightly put foil on the top.  You need it really tight so no steam escapes.  I put this in a low oven 225 degrees and cooked it for about 5 hours.  Remember…these were frozen.    I checked the ribs by putting a fork between the bones and when they were tender…I took it out of the oven.   I then put them under my broiler…getting color on both sides..then I brushed Habanero Jelly on both sides and returned it to the broiler…on both sides.  I’m talking yummmmmmy here!!!  Add a salad and a baked sweet potato and you will be in Heaven!

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