Pepper Jelly and How to use it

Why use Hot Mama’s Jelly over the jar of Pepper Jelly on the shelf at the local supermarket?

Hot Mama makes all her jelly in small batches… only making 7-8 jars at a time.  She feels small batches preserves that “Great Home Grown Quality” and can be controlled easily. Everything is done by hand with fresh quality ingredients just like her Grandma taught her.  Careful attention has been made with a high level of quality, safety and cleanliness.

Hot peppers are great mixed into jelly.  It’s that hot/sweet combination that really makes your dish “pop”.

Aren’t Habaneros hotter than Jalapenos?   Yes, but our testing has proven to be the more popular of the 2.  Habanero jelly has a wonderful flavor… and adjusting the amount is the key.
Only using ½ teaspoon on a piece of chicken for example is all that chicken needs.  No reason to waste it…and it also makes that jar last longer.

She even makes a few Jalapeno selections…for you die hard Jalapeno Pepper Jelly fan’s.

Hot Momma, her family, and friends are continually tasting new combinations for Jelly. More combinations will continually be added. Feel free to email her if you have a suggestion

Each jar of jelly comes in a sealed 8 oz jar.  Be sure to keep a couple on hand for that unexpected gift, or drop in guest.

Idea’s for Hot Mama’s jelly:

·       Top a block of cream cheese and serve with crackers.  This makes your party a real  party!!  It’s also pretty.

·Adding ½ teaspoon on your pork chop, chicken or fish 2 minutes before it is done will carmalize and add goodness.
·       Add some to your bar-b-q sauce to “kick it up”
·       Use on “hot wings” and give the other hot sauce a rest.
·       Eat on toasted bagels
·       Put in crock pot with your roast beef or meatballs for great new twist
·       Brush on ham while it cooks….umm

Let me know how you use Hot Mama’s Jelly!

The 4 oz jar is great as gifts.  Here are some suggestions:
·       bridal or baby shower guest gift
·       neighbor Christmas gift
·       the kid’s Teacher
·       your favorite bank teller/ grocery checker/ postal carrier
·       a special friend at church or work

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